Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Native Nails - Onigum 2014 Pow Wow Round up

Hello Everybun!
I know I said I was going to post Friday and Monday, but I have something even better to show you today! We left Friday and came back Monday from a pow wow up in Onigum, Minnesota.
For those of you who don't know what a pow wow is, this website has tons of information on pow wows and what goes on during them.
This post is for all of you. Those who've never seen (or heard!) of a pow wow. Those who are curious about my culture and those who want to get an idea of what goes on during this dancing celebration. It's also for those who want to see some of the pretty nails that I had the opportunity to photograph while I was there! So here we go!

Let's start of with what I wore, in all it's simplicity.
It 'twas but a simple french tip, because I didn't have the time to do what I wanted before we left. Oh well. It was still pretty and shiny! In the background you can see my fancy shawl.

Next is a picture of the first Grand Entry on Friday...

This is when I met my first set of pretty nails from a lovely women's traditional dancer.

Then, oh no! It started to rain! The girls jingle dress dancers continued to dance their spotlight while the spectators, such as I, were able to hide under canopies.

After came a beautiful rainbow, though!

Below is something called an inter tribal dance. It's where every dance style dances together. Sometimes these dances can be crowded, because as you can see, men dancer's have these giant things called bustles. The bustles are made out of eagle feathers, which men have to register for through the state. It's a long process, but it's all done for spiritual purposes.

 Finally! I found another pair of lovely nails! I also got a name this time. This lovely hand, which matched her regalia, belongs to Laura T.

 The next day came team dancing. Here you can see a coordinated dance between a group of 4 or more dancers. This isn't something you generally see at every pow wow, only this one.

 Alas! Another set of nails! These ones came from a women's traditional dancer named Sarah. She also told me that this was Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine, but she couldn't remember the name.

And finally, a Picture of me and Mr. LL.

I've been dancing and going to pow wows since I've been really young, about 8 years old. Now I'm 20 and still enjoy dancing Fancy Shawl.
I hope you all enjoyed this rather long post about my culture!

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  1. Its great to see all those pictures! It looked like everyone had a fun time.