Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Finds - Week of 10/3

Hey everybun, A Day late, but at least it's here! Check out this weeks Friday Finds!

1. How to Paint your nails!

I know, Cosmopolitan can be a bit blah, but none-the-less, this guide is a great guide for beginners and the advice in this article holds true!

All Image Credit to TheRhinestoneHousewife

Indie Perfumes have been making their rounds lately on /r/IndieMakeUpAndMore, and I was actually extremely interested in this blog post I found with an Arcana round up post with their Halloween collection! The scents sound so interesting and they MIGHT just force me to break my no buy. 

Image of Fall 2014 Full Collection
All Photo Credit to Black Dahlia Lacquer

The minute I saw swatches for this collection, I was hooked. Can you believe how many polishes are in this collection?! Look at them all! The whole she-bang is $74.25. Basket of Gold is my personal Favorite. Which one is yours?

4. Shiro Halloween Collection

All Photo credit to Shiro Cosmetics

5. M.A.C  - Rocky Horror Picture Show

Image credit : From M.A.C site
I saw an article in this local newspaper called the other day announcing M.A.C's Rocky Horror Picture Show line. If you're any fan of the movie, such as I, you will get as pumped as I did to not only see this line, but see the look book on the website! THEY HAVE A DR.FRANKENFURTER LOOK! Eee!

Thanks for reading, everybun!

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