Monday, October 20, 2014

Sinful Colors - Matte About Blue Swatch and Review

Hey everybun! Happy Bunday Monday.
As I said last week, I have weeks worth of polish to stored up in my polish folder. We'll be starting with this little lovely by Sinful Colors, Matte about Blue.
My local K-Mart is closing down and everything is 30% off, and you'll NEVER guess what I gravitated towards. Can you guess? If your answer is anything but polish, then you're wrong!
I was very interested to see that Sinful Colors had a matte/silk collection and this was the last one on the shelf!

Matte about Blue is a beautiful Cobalt blue shade. Silk is definitely the right name for this finish, it's not matte, but not shiny.

This was a little on the sheer side, at 3 thicker coats. When I put the first coat on I was almost afraid that it would never become opaque and end up a big thick mess. I turned out to be wrong, because this is just too gorgeous!

Sinful Colors Silk collection earns an A+ in my book. I'll be on the look out for the rest of the colors for sure!

Thanks for stopping by, everybun!


  1. Awesome blue and the finish on it is nice.

  2. Gorgeous color and love the finish!