Monday, April 15, 2013

Barielle - Orange Parfait

Hi all!

I have for you a swatch of Barielle - Orange Parfait that I got in my last nail haul from Holly over at Holly and Polish

This was my first Barielle polish and I have to say I really really liked it! 

Now on to the swatch!

*UPDATE: haha just kidding on to the swatch after this update! I just discovered its Animal Cruelty Prevention month and I love my fur baby Harvey who was rescued from a hoarders home. I adopted him from the humane society and he's adapted to living the good cage free life he lives today. The color for Animal Cruelty Prevention is orange so I dedicate this post to that. Carry on now!

This is a beautiful orange creme that reached full opacity in 3 coats, the 2nd looked fine but I have a habit of adding an extra coat with cremes. I added one coat of seche vite in the pictures above.

The formula was excellent, not to thick and not to runny.

I also must admit, I'm AWFUL when it comes to saying "This color is NOT for my skin tone" because in my opinion there's no polish that I find that I think looks bad on me!
I don't understand why some people say their skin tone doesn't match with a color! So you'll never hear me say that a colors not for me because I embrace all the colors!

Overall, I really loved this polish the formula was great, application was great and I'll definitely be getting more Barielle polishes in the future

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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