Sunday, April 14, 2013

Polka Spots and Harvey!

Happy Sunday Bunday everyone!

Poor little Harvey had his vet appointment this past Wednesday for a wellness exam and a nail trim and I'm happy to say all is well with the bun bun. He just HATED to be picked up, he was so scared!

Here's a picture of him at his vet being scared by some pamphlets. 

His little nails were trimmed in this pic! You can see how long they were before compared to this pic!

Now on to the nails!

I just got shipped a new ipad case and it was a pretty blue polka spot pattern so I decided to be inspired by that, seeing as I already had China Glaze - For Audrey on my nails, it matched perfectly!

I had a few bubbles that I just noticed now! I was so mad, I found my dotting tool a day after this! It was on the window sill. How it got there? Nobody knows.

I used the end of a paintbrush for these!

Have a Happy Sunday Bunday


Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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