Monday, April 29, 2013

Essie - Smokin' Hot

Eep! Hello Everyone!

So, for me, Essie is like the brand of all nail polish brands. It exudes richness (For $8.00 a pop, of course it does!) and I've heard nothing but the best of Essie. Granted, I only have 2 bottles other than the one I'm about to review, but I think it's fair if I say Essie is one of the top brands!

So I went to target the other day and could not help but grab for a few bottles of nail polish, Essie - Smokin' Hot just so happened to be included in my mini haul!

On to the photo bomb!

As I looked at the bottle I thought to myself, Huh, what a wonderful purple-grey-dark-mysterious color, which is what drew me to it in the first place! Then with the first stroke I was stunned to see that it looked brown! How could such a deceivingly beautiful color in the bottle trick me like that, I thought.

Well, turns out it was only the first coat that was brown, 2 coats later and my beautiful purple-grey-dark-mysterious color appeared! Application was smooth as butter. Streakiness did occur with the first coat, but fixed in the second. These pictures are also with Top Coat (Seche Vite to be exact).

As you all know, I absolutely hate leaving you all with just a swatch so I did some Aztec Print nail art on top of Smokin Hot!

Have a lovely Monday, It's so sunny here today I think I'll go enjoy doing my nails outside!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

P.S Also, I won First Place in a nail art competition hosted by Lynda from Lynda's Random Ramblings, the competition was here.
Thank you to all the judges :

The Nail Files By Lynda
Kat Stays Polished
Rambles Of A Polish Addict


and thank you Lynda for hosting this nail art competition and supplying the prizes!


  1. Great color! You did a awesome manicure with it too :)

    1. Thank you! I think this is on my top 5 favorite colors of the moment!