Monday, April 22, 2013

Spoiled - Distant Memory and Spoiled - Use Protection

Hello dearest readers!

No, my nail polish is NOT spoiled, that's very much the name brand of the nail polish for those of you who aren't familiar with it. I won a huge lot of about 30 spoiled nail polishes on eBay a few months ago and besides swatching them on my nail sticks, I haven't used a lot of them. I think I'll need to start using more because I really love them!

Woo! I loved the way these turned out! I also found the studs on eBay a while back. You can kind of see how they lifted a little on my pointer and pinky but that's because I didn't take as much time holding them down like I did with my middle finger. Also they're pretty big and nails are curved and all so I suppose it's a bit expected.

Use Protection is that pretty glitter gradient. It has a slightly blue base with various blue and silver particles that shimmer green and yellow in certain lights.

And here's a little swatch of Distant Memory.

I'm not sure if this is blue or green because in darker lights such as the swatch above it looks green but in brighter lights like in the picture with the studs and glitter gradient, it looks blue as well as looking Turquoise in the bottle. :/

The little shimmer particles are lovely but it does dry matte so I added a coat of Seche to bring out more of the depth that Distant Memory holds.

Spoiled is such a wonderful brand with funny names that depict, well, someone who is spoiled!
More swatches and nail art of spoiled is soon come!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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