Monday, September 2, 2013

Leesha's Lacquer - The Sk80's

Hey Everybun! 

I totally missed Sunday Bunday again with a very good excuse! College!
So I didn't have much time for nail art but I did have this sitting in my unposted folder from last Monday!

This is 2 coats of The Sk80's over Black with Seche top coat. 
And what may be that weird brown stuff on my hand? 

So What is Henna Anyways? <- Clicky click on that link and all your answers and more will be answered. And there was no particular reason for this henna by the way. I just do it every once in a while because I love it and I love the history of it and culture behind it. I, of course, integrated a bit of my culture as well . Being Ojibwe, there's an awful lot of flower patterns and designs in beadwork and such so of course I based my design off of flowers as you see above! 
My design lasted a week on the top and the stuff on my palm is still kickin. I suspect it didn't last as long because I forgot to put a little vial of essential oil in my powder. Oh well, hope you enjoyed my henna design and my polish, and I'll see you all Wednesday with some lovelies that I plan to make for the shop!


  1. What a fun color! College starts for me on Tuesday. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm kind of excited for it to come too.

  2. OOO I know! Mine started last Tuesday and I've already had tons and tons of homework and quizzes! I've got 5 classes to juggle right now though so I bet that's part of it! I hope you have a nice and easy first week!

  3. That glitter topper is amazing :) And so is the henna! (it makes me want to do henna nails :D)

  4. Oh I know! I was like ohhh my goodness that would be such a good idea to incorporate henna into a nail design! If you do them let me know!

  5. thank you very much ^.^