Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still feelin' summer!

Hello everybun!

I'm back with teh nets and teh postings!
Despite all of this happy there is still some sad BECAUSE ITS SO FREAKIN HOT! It was in the 90's on Monday and it's still in the upper 80's today. Isn't it supposed to be feelin' like fall?!
Since I'm still feeling so summery I decided to make a bright mani to reflect all of these summer vibes!



I was actually just sort of experimenting designs over my right hand but I liked the way they looked so much that I decided to do the same on my left!
I am NOT with my polishes right now so I'm still not sure of color specifics. 
The black and white designs were done with black and white migi nail art pens.

I have some more fall-esque nail designs coming up to try to get me in the fall mood!


  1. I love this look, it's so cheerful! I agree -- if it's not hot, we shouldn't be wearing fall colors :)

  2. Its been hot here too! Fun manicure though :)

  3. Yes! It's great to see that here in MN were not the only ones suffering from this unseasonable madness!
    It was so hot the first week of school for the kids that they had to shut down the schools for the rest of the week! It obviously makes no sense to have ac when most of the school year here in mn is winter so I see why they had to shut the schools down. With no ac it must have been KILLER!

  4. Margriet SijperdaApril 17, 2014 at 5:34 PM

    Bright and beautiful!