Friday, September 20, 2013

Ombre, ole!

Whenever I think of Ombre, I think of people saying OLE OLE OLE OLE! So whenever I say ombre I secretly say OMBRE, OMBRE OMBRE OMBRE!
Anyways, We have some ombre nail arts for you all today!

I mostly just mixed the colors myself from the base color or the color after it to make it a smidge darker. Righty's blue and lefties purple.

I've been a BAD blogger though, haven't posted since sunday bunday! Like I said on my Facebook post, I've started a new project creating my fancy shawl and I've also been mixing polishes all week. I've got ten lovelies to add to the shop!
I've also sent out all of the halloween collection blogger goody bags, YAY!

I'll be posting again for sunday bunday! 

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