Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glinda the Good Witch!

12/22/14 EDIT: I re-did these nails just for fun and to see how my nail art compares to a year ago. You can see my comparison post HERE.
You may continue :D

Happy SUNDAY BUNDAY! Yay! woo! Hurray! I remember!
Good job! So cool!

Anyways, For today's Sunday Bunday I decided to do some Wizard of Oz nail arts because that's what the weekly challenge is in the NPL Community on Google+.

Zoya - Gie Gie
Zoya - Trixie

Glinda the Good Witch!

I LOVED the Wizard of Oz when I was younger and she was my second favorite character to Dorothy. I played Dorothy in my 5th grade play of the Wizard of Oz. I had the outfit (That I THINK my mom made..) and even the ruby pumps!

and of course here are the Bunz.
Enjoy your Sunday Bunday!


Paprika, who is SO HARD TO CAPTURE!


  1. Awww cute :) Can I get tracking number? still did not get the prize for nail art contest...