Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thank you all!

Hey everyone!
I haven't seen you all in a while! 
I have A small update and a huge thank you so let's get to it!
My aunt is out of the Hospital as of today (yay!) so it looks like I'll be able to start up some nail art again! I do have a few pictures of the few polishes I've slapped on in the past week, so I guess I wasn't exactly polish free. 
I've also finished my first 2 big orders with my polish shop AND I'm almost done with my Fancy Shawl Pt. 2. Yeah, I had to redo it COMPLETELY because it was my first time using a sewing machine, this was me :

I messed SOMETHING up and my fabric came out all bunched up and I tried everything to fix it, but eventually just made it worst. 
Oh well, The Fancy Shawl Pt. 2 is looking mighty fiiiiine, so I guess I can't complain (even if I had to spend another $80 on fabric).
Over all, All is well in Leeshaland, I definitely foresee myself once again spending glorious nights with my much neglected nail polishes.

And now it's time for the thank you!
Thank you so much to everyone who purchased my Love 4 JLK Nail Polishes. 
As promised, I donated half to St. Jude's and half to the family of JLK. I managed $35 which meant $17.50 for each. On the JLK website, I was having a problem with the .50 (when I'd go to pay, it would say $175,000! And as much as I'd love to donate that amount I have no where near the funds for it!) so I just evened it out to $18.00. Here are the screenshots with personal info blanked out :

So thank you so much to everyone, for both sticking around the blog and buying polish for such a good cause!
I'll see you all on St. Paddy's Day with some fun, fun stufff!


  1. That's so amazing that you were able to donate so much to such amazing causes. Great news!!