Friday, August 8, 2014

Born Pretty Review - Pink/Green Shift Rhinestones

*Products in this post have been given to me in exchange for my honest review
Hey everybun, and happy Friday!
I have another Born Pretty Review that I've been meaning to make for quite some time but I've been too busy to do so. These beautiful rhinestones that I've been sent have stumped me for quite some time. Should I do something extravagant? Simple? Fun?
Well, upon much debate, I've decided to go with....simple! Simple yet blingy, that is!

Now click on, for more pretty!

These are Born Pretty Store's Duo shifting rhinestones of which you can find HERE. They're $4.34 for a bag of 100 and you can choose from 3 different sizes. I have the largest of the three sizes, 3mm.

The 3mm ones are a bit large and since my nails are pretty curvy (hehe) these don't exactly lay flat. I'd recommend 2mm or even 1.5mm for curvier nails if you'd like to wear these for a long time.
As is, these lasted a night before snagging all over everything, which made me sad because they're sooo pretty! They shift from green, to yellowish to pink. 

Though I don't plan on using these for nail art, these will look lovely in a couple of craft projects I have going on, which is what's so great about these rhinestones! Multi-use!

Thanks for reading, and see ya'll Monday!

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  1. Those are some nice rhinestones. i like the glow it has.