Thursday, August 21, 2014

Leesha's Lacquer Repin Rewind French Studs

Hey everybun!
It's been a crazy week dealing with preps for college (which starts on Monday D: ) and doing everything I can (like staying up late with my friends) before I have to get back in the groove of things.
For now, my posts may be a little less often but I vow that I've not forgotten about all of you's.
The nails I'm going to show you today are the beauties that I wore to the pow wow. Ready for awesomeness?!

Bam! These are super shiny sparklers. I used pink as my base on my thumb and ring and Repin Rewind on its own on the rest of my fingers.

These were a huge hit with my family up north, and I hope you all will love them just as much! 
I'm writing this on mobile blogger, so I'll come back later to patch up the odd formatting. 
I'll see you all soon!
- Love from, Leesha's Lacquer


  1. Your nails are so long! These look so god too. Really like the colors and the nail studs.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I have claws now, lol!