Monday, December 29, 2014

Guest Post #2 - WorkingWithMonolids - Notoriously Morbid Swatches

Hello everybun, this time our guest post is from Cora of workingwithmonolids. You all know indie nail polish is a thing (I sure do hope!), but did you know about indie eyeshadow? Well soon you will! Thank you so much Cora! Now to the post!
I'd like to introduce everyone to an indie store that makes eyeshadows, Notoriously Morbid. Like many awesome indie stores, they're cruelty free. They do have some non-vegan colours though!

Packaging-wise, the mini sizes doesn't come with a sifter seal, and the labels are just printed paper and therefore, not waterproof. So packaging-wise, they're just functional. 

I now do ingredient checks on my indie eyeshadows, and I did notice they have colours contained no binders at all:

Screenshot taken on Nov 16, 2014

However, I out of a random sample of 20 colours and only found 1 colour that didn't contain any binders. For my check, what I did was open 20 colours in a row without looking at the colour/name/description and then reading the ingredients. It's not the most perfect method but it gives you a rough idea. So for most part, I think it's safe to purchase from them as long as you check the ingredients. For a guide to ingredients and why you need binders in eyeshadows, you can check out my post here.

So here are the swatches! The swatches on the right is under natural light, the one on the left is under artificial light to show off the shift.

Over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue:

The Grand Empress actually turns blue as you blend it out!

Over NYX's HD Eye Primer

Applied foiled with water (like all pigmented loose powder shadows, this method can be staining):

There's no mistake. Melancholy One turns blue when applied wet, I was surprised too.

 Now this is where I'm impressed...over bare skin:

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