Friday, December 5, 2014

KkCenterhk - Eyeballs! Eyeballs EVERYWHERE!

*Products sent to me for review
Hey there, everybun!
KKCenterhk was kind enough to send me these 6mm Eyeballs to review..No not REAL eyeballs, they're..well.. You can see below!

Click below to see what I did with them!

These babies helped me get my nail art groove back, and with these eyeballs I made little cute cyclops's! The eyeballs are 6mm and you can find them HERE for just $2.50.

These little guys would be best for special occasions, since they do stick out because they're dome shaped. As long as you secure them with plenty of polish (or glue!) you should have no problem with them falling off. I slept in these and went a full day doing normal day-to-day things before they got too annoying and I couldn't take it anymore! The awesome thing is that you get a lot of these AND as long as you're careful you can reuse them.

You can pick up these cute little eyeballs and more by following the banner below!

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  1. Love the nail art you got with them. They do resemble eye balls too.