Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentines Day Mani #2 - Before and After

Hello all!
I've had a multitude of doctors appointments this week so I'm so sorry for the lack of posting.In other news, I had something set up with one of those deal websites and they completely and utterly cancelled on me, saying that they no longer sell beauty products, such as nail polish, because they had other problems with it in the past. Now these people literally just contacted me on the 15th of January. They didn't bother at all to tell me, after I bought over $200 in mini polish bottles and supplies, that they no longer wished to sell my product. I had to contact THEM and even then, they stopped responding to my emails after I told them that I put hours of effort and lots of money into creating mini grab bags that they requested from ME.
Ugh! I was so upset when this happened, I just made a whole new set of polishes I was so angry!
I guess I'm just left with 300 bottles of minis..I'll figure something cool out to do with them though.
Anyways, here's something a little bit more happy for you, some valentines day nail art WITH a before that I did when I first started my blog and after! 

Pinks I used: China Glaze : Passion for Petals, Sinful Colors : Outrages, Dream On and Island Coral
Base color : Zoya : Storm
I think my first attempt is an absolute FAIL but I really like how it came out this time around. I'll have one more before and after valentines day nail art before the valentines grand finale!
Have a happy, happy Friday ya'll!


  1. Sorry to hear about that set up you had with that site and they bailed on you. That totally uncool of them to do :( Love your Valentine's Day manicure though. Love the new look of it compared to the past one ;)